Meet the Team at Ree-Generation Rescue Mission

Welcome to Ree-Generation Rescue Mission, where our dedicated team is at the heart of our mission to empower and uplift those in need. Get to know the individuals who lead our organization with compassion and determination:

Beverly Francis - CEO Visionary Leader, Dedicated Minister, and Education Advocate

Beverly Francis, our CEO and Founder, is a visionary leader with over 12 years of outreach experience. She also serves as a Minister at All Time Ministries in Valdosta, Georgia. Beverly's educational background includes Wiregrass Technical College and Omega Bible College, enriching her leadership and advocacy for education and community service.

Preciosa Williams - Secretary Creative Mind with a Heart of Gold

Preciosa Williams, our Secretary, is a dynamic team member who combines her creative prowess with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Holding an MBA degree, she brings a wealth of business acumen to the organization. Prior to joining our team, Preciosa not only provided invaluable graphic design services but also successfully owned and operated several businesses. Now, she lends her multifaceted expertise to support our mission, ensuring that our daily operations run smoothly. Preciosa's creative flair, business acumen, and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the Ree-Generation Rescue Mission team.

Monia Thomas - Financial Officer Financial Expert, Trusted Leader, and Community Advocate

Monia Thomas, our Financial Officer, holds an Educational Specialist degree in Leadership from Walden University. Her dedication to our mission spans over 12 years. Monia's role as Head Trustee at Church at Pine Hill highlights her leadership, while her meticulous financial stewardship keeps us on a steady path toward positive change.

Dr. Ronnie Mathis, Pastor - Board Member Guiding the Way with Wisdom

As a dedicated member of our Board, Pastor Ronnie Mathis of Crossing Jordan Baptist Church brings wisdom, experience, and a passion for our mission. His insights and guidance help shape our strategic direction, ensuring that we remain true to our core values.

We are excited to introduce you to the individuals who make Ree-Generation Rescue Mission's mission a reality. Together, we are a team united by compassion, commitment, and the shared goal of empowering lives and fostering hope in South Georgia and Valdosta.