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Welcome to our Testimonials Page, where you can discover firsthand stories of impact and change. At Ree-Generation Rescue Mission, we're on a mission to empower lives, foster hope, and create brighter futures. The testimonials you find here are a testament to the positive changes we bring to our community every day.

These voices inspire us, and we believe they'll inspire you too. Dive into the stories of individuals and families whose lives have been transformed through our mission. Their words are a testament to resilience, compassion, and the enduring power of community.

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Words From the Heart of Those Whom We Have Served


I would like to take this time to Thanks the staff at The Re-Generation Rescue Mission Inc always being their for me and family with food assistance. They are God sent.
Towanda N./ Valdosta Ga

Special thanks to The Re-Generation Rescue Mission Inc for the groceries for me and my family.
Josh & Ashley of Adel Ga

Ms. Beverly thank you for the Pampers & wipes for my new grandchild. We REALLY needed them. Your agency is such a blessing.
L. Wright

I hope I have the right page. when I tell you I never expected the blessing you all gave my family that is an understatement. there was so much food. it reminded me of how Jesus fed a multitude from just a few fish and loaves of bread. I will be able to feed my family for the entire month and maybe more with all the food y'all gae us. I'm in awe of how generous you all were. to God be the glory. thank you so very much. you will never know the impact you had in our lives. again thank you so very much.
A. Godwin

After we lost everything in a recent house fire. I had a hard time getting back my lost documents. But thanks to The Ree-Generation Rescue Mission Inc. and Ms. Beverly Francis. I was able to get a new ID & birth certificate. You are and Angel. Thank you so much!!!
M. Ferrell of Sparks Ga

Ms. Beverly surprised me with a blessing of an entire box of hand soap and some baby wipes that I gratefully received, these helped me for about a month to both wash hands and my dishes, so thank you for your gracious giving to me and my family!
P. Williams

This morning I didn't know what I was going to eat. Ms. Beverly surprised me with so many groceries for me and my 2 year old daughter and I was so grateful I couldn't do nothing but praise God! I called my friend and told her thank you for telling them about me. They came back and brought me baby wipes and diapers, and there was so much meat that I will be able to eat for a month! God bless you!
M. Stevens

Thanks to The Re-Generation Rescue Mission for purchasing these [bedding] items for me. Also thanks for the air mattress also.
T. Nelson of Valdosta Ga

Thanks to The Re-Generation Rescue Mission for the toilet paper you purchased for me and my Grandson.
Ms. Gloria of Adel Ga